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Your Superpowers

When you are in your superpower zone, life becomes your race to win! You drop into flow states quickly and easily because you have an innate belief that you can beat the challenge.

“Rewards, gold, badges and trophies - all in a day’s work!”

Your Unique Gifts

Your determination helps you stay on track even when the path you’ve chosen seems to twist and turn. You are rarely deterred by failure and your belief in your goal spurs multiple attempts.

Treasure Hunter images (2).png

You appreciate a bargain and know the value of using your resources. You are quite willing to invest in things that you know will give you a competitive edge over others

Exploration is part of your nature, and your creativity comes to the fore when you are hunting for new ways to win.


Prizes motivate you to expend huge amounts of energy towards your goal, and you tend to work as hard as you can to finish your tasks so that you can collect the sweet sweet rewards.


You are competitive, driven and ambitious.

Bringing together friends and family to create a competitive environment can really increase motivation. Some say your competitiveness makes you ruthless, but you disagree because you know that you are working towards something worthwhile.

Potential Pitfalls

Sometimes you get too caught up in winning and can venture into the dark side of ethics (cough cough cheating!). If you haven’t explored it yet, you’ve definitely given the cheater’s path longing looks.


You can get laser-focused on your goal and lose sight of the bigger picture


You are tempted easily by collectables and limited-time only offers, temporarily pulling you off-track


When you have to make a decision, sometimes you act impulsively without thinking through the consequences

Energy Coins_edited.jpg

Energy: Hard Fun

(With a side of People Fun)

Your fun energy lies in Hard fun which means you love rewards from challenges. You also swipe energy from People fun, collaborating with others to create real world change.

To Increase engagement

You love rewards from challenges. Create a killer rewards system that you can dip into each time you achieve something! If you create levels to unlock, that can spur you into action ever faster!

The key is to make each reward so enticing that knocking out the goal is a piece of cake (such as a date night to a restaurant you’ve been waiting to try, a relaxing holiday, or…literally a decadent piece of cake. Mmmm).

Goal-Setting Strategies

Your fun energy shows up when you know you have skills in a certain area, can knock out any obstacles and showcase your strategic genius.


You love being the best, and you love knowing you have secrets that can win you the game. It gives you an adrenalin rush to unlock advantageous techniques.


Your progress towards your goals is usually quite rapid, as you move quickly through levels. Progress bars can do wonders for your motivation levels.


Your wellbeing is enhanced by feeling smart, accomplished, and seeing the spoils of your victories. By creating and integrating a competitive element into your daily life, you can improve your habitual thinking and acting, as well as promote resilience.

Cheat Codes for Treasure-Hunters

Get Creative! Make a poster of a progress bar and track your progress towards your goal. Clarity around your ultimate goal and visual cues can motivate you to unprecedented heights.

Untitled (500 x 189 px).png

Make your goal a game!

Treasure Hunter images (3).png
Treasure Hunter images (3).png

Create a star chart and give yourself a gold star for each completed task, with a visible reward when you get 10 stars

Have an accountability group where you can create a leaderboard and have monetary or other rewards for the winner of consistent action

An easter egg is a small, unexpected reward. Write down 20 fun rewards on slips of paper and put them in a jar. When you experience a win, pull one slip out and immediately claim the reward!

Treasure Hunter images (3).png
Treasure Hunter images (3).png
Treasure Hunter images (3).png

Baking a batch of your favourite brownies or cookies, guilt-free

An hour of uninterrupted me-time

A new piece of clothing, just for the fun of it!

You'll find more actionable power-ups in the PDF you recieved in your email. Check it out!

Congratulations, you have just levelled up to
Super Treasure-Hunter. 

Super Treasure-Hunter, I hope you’ve found some nuggets of wisdom throughout your quest!


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