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The amazing people I have been privileged enough to work with say this....

Sandhya Gokal Life coach avatar saying ooooo

Career Conundrums

"I was struggling with deciding where to take my career in light of moving across the world. I felt like I was in a maze, and Sandhya guided me down the path I wanted to go without too much pushing or coercion. She gave me the space to figure out the path for myself.


Coaching with Sandhya gave me a way to direct my energy into actionable steps to work out my next move. I feel inspired and motivated to really push for what I want. Thank you so much, Sandhya!


If you are looking for someone who will give you the space to navigate the maze in your mind, question the stories you tell yourself and have a laugh or two along the way, Sandhya’s the perfect coach for you.


Aditya - Environmental Consultant

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