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I believe in the magic of change.

Have you ever wished healthy eating wasn't such a chore?

Do you have no self-control when it comes to junk food?

Do you dread making healthy choices and wish that being healthy was...well...more fun?

I did.

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When it comes to food, I had huge dreams - that when I grew up, being healthy would just be easy. And obviously, it would have that playful sense of fun which makes life joyous and full of contentment


Unfortunately, I also had a "have my cake and eat it too" mentality. Uh-oh, not a great mix. 

Ten years on, I felt frustrated by my failure - I just couldn't seem to find the time to devote to eating healthy. I resorted to fad diets and 30 day get thin quick schemes - certainly not the sustainable solution I wanted.


I was eating an éclair a day. I couldn't walk past chocolate without secretly devising my route back to it. I caved to peer pressure to "just have one, it won't hurt!"


I was overweight, always tired and had a ridiculously low self-esteem level. It seemed like my whole life was consumed by food, but I wasn't getting anywhere.


Plagued by a sense of anxiety, stress and overwhelm, I tried to drown out the uncomfortable feelings with fast food and escaping into the world of Netflix. 

At the end of the day, I ended up with a bowl of chips or ice cream in my hands, and I hated myself a little more each time I broke one of my own rules.

My health took a serious hit when I got diagnosed with insulin resistance and I realised I was teetering on the edge of Type 2 diabetes - the most preventable lifestyle disease. As a pharmacist, I was shocked, and worse...I was ashamed.

I started questioning the habits I had built - was I showing loyalty to myself by prioritising other peoples thoughts about what I should eat over my own conviction? Was I respecting myself if I felt so much resentment and despair that I had no time to devote to my own health?

I knew something had to change.

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The minute I supercharged my eating habits, I saw massive improvements in every level of my life, and I watched as my food life became brighter and more beautiful than ever before.

Along the way, I realised that my heart was singing a song I knew I had to share - Making healthy eating habits so fun it was impossible NOT to do them. I became a coach to guide people to the fun of eating with extraordinary healthy habits. To help them be their own superhero and take control of their health.

Are you ready to take back responsibility for your own healthy eating habits?

Are you ready to have a secret giggle everytime you win at your own health game?

Together we can walk the path towards what you can imagine. I'm so excited to go on that journey with you, and see what magic you create.

Intrigued? Book a superpower call below!

I realised I wanted to eat healthy for was a feeling of vitality and balance. Plus, I wanted to practice the advice I gave to my patients!


Using all my skills and knowledge as a pharmacist, I set out on a quest to change my health status. I used my 12 years of experience helping people change their food habits to create experiments and games around eating healthy, in order to make it as fun and sustainable as possible.

I quit sugar, started changing my eating and exercise habits and began noticing significant increases in my energy levels.

I began experiments around creating moments of joy and contentment through mindful eating and prioritising my well-being over consuming what was offered to me.

I shifted my focus to speaking kindly and valuing myself and my choices. I learned how to say NO and set boundaries around food - even with the people who loved me the most. Even with myself! 

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