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It's time to make healthy eating effortless, love how you feel and look in the mirror and become your own healthy eating superhero

Of course you could probably do this yourself.  You are capable and intelligent as hell.

Coaches give you back the most precious resources of all - TIME and CONFIDENCE.

A healthy eating coach gives you secret advantages to fast-track your progress and gives you your own personal cheerleader.

Like when you use cheat codes while playing a game, to gain extra lives, enhanced abilities and build up a stash of super cool items. 

Sandhya Gokal Life Coach in a green gown with flower crown between two pillars in a forest background looking back as if checking who's following

While everyone around is gazing wistfully at what they can't have, you will be racing ahead...

and ENJOYING your newfound glory and power

If you are ready to find out if we would make a good team...

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Superpower: Poseidon

What you "Should do" becomes a tidal wave of  what you "Want to" do 

 Your nutritious food and water intake shoots up, giving you a healthy glow and incredible amounts of energy (as well as bowel regularity)

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Superpower: Demeter

Podcast Alert (12).png

Superpower: Aphrodite

Your self-esteem and body image starts to recalibrate, and you can finally look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud and confident in your body

Podcast Alert (14).png

Superpower: Zeus

The binge and shame cycles that plagued you dissipate into dust as your satiety hormones shout their truth, knowing they'll be heard and respected

Podcast Alert (15).png

Superpower: Apollo

The words and images you say to yourself become musical mantras that star power you through to your dream healthy eating habits

Podcast Alert (16).png

Superpower: Artemis

You're no longer fighting a battle with your thoughts about what to choose on a menu because healthy choices are effortless as your conscious and subconscious work in harmony

female superhero cartoon leaving a rainbow trail with gold dust emerging from fingers

The 8 stages To improving your eating habits 

This formula has come about after over 10 years of research, training and experimentation. It's the grimoire for the magic of change. 

Just like any game, spell or button mashing, without the right combination of moves, nothing special will happen. 

But with the right formula.....

Magic happens.

We work 1:1 to battle through every obstacle in your way, so moving forward it's all smooth sailing and enjoying your food journey.


Some of the things we work on include:

- Overeating

- Ideal weight maintenance

- Developing a healthy eating mindset

- Gut health

- balancing blood sugar levels


Entering the cave of desires

We find the treasure map that shows us exactly what you want and where it is. This is a special map! It helps you to understand your motivations, why you eat or don't eat certain things and how to wire your superpowers for success in the healthy eating space.


By the end of this level, you will unlock:

A clear vision on exactly what you want your healthy eating to look like


Understanding what motivates you and what slows you down


New healthy eating beliefs, specially created by YOU. 


Grab the crystal of clarity

We clarify any fog or uncertainty around what you want. We get so specific, you can actually see the food in your minds eye. Mmmmm, doesn't it look good?

By the end of this level, you unlock:

How to have fun while being a healthy eater!


How your nutrition habits create a ripple effect on your sleep, exercise and mental health


Hypnosis for your subconcious to get on board


More mental energy through energy reclaimation

Healthy Eating Weapon #1: The Addition Arrow

What story are you telling yourself?

Get ready to face the biggest boss you will ever have to overcome: Your own thoughts. Escaping the catacombs of self-sabotage is highly satisfying!

Conquering this level, you unlock:

How to recognise and break the pattern of self-sabotage when it comes to healthy eating. 


Healthy eating shield #1: Mindful eating magnifier

Find the mysterious Shadow Sword

Unearth your guilty pleasure, and I'll show you how to harness it for greatness. Values are the driving force behind every action we do, and every thought that we think. If you can grab hold of the reins of values, you will be unstoppable, superhero!

In this level, you unlock:

The "why" behind what you do.

How to harness your deepest guilty pleasure, and ride it into the depths of hell...thy eating.  

Healthy eating shield #2: Boundaries

Rescue any trapped emotions

The Titan, Atlas, knew the burden he was carrying of the Earth. Do you know yours?

Emotions are the number one factor that you base your eating decisions on - "I just FELT like having that piece of cake". Being able to listen to your emotions, respect your intuition and go with your gut feeling is a powerful weapon in your healthy eating journey. 

At the end of this level, you will unlock:

Eat for nutrition, not feelings

Face your emotions like friends

Healthy Eating Badge: "Making the Hard Choices Easy" 

Achieve Peak Warrior Status

The All Blacks (NZ football team) did it best! The Hakka is used on the football field so that the footballers get rapidly into a winning state of mind. Can you imagine if you could use that same technique, but to get into a healthy eating frame of mind? You'd be UNSTOPPABLE! Well, that's what we're doing in this level, so get geared up for greatness!

At the end of this level, you unlock:

A way to access the "healthy eating" frame of mind rapidly

Elimination of limiting beliefs around food

Healthy Eating weapon #2: The Exercise double handed Axe

Exploring red car syndrome

AKA. Baader-Meinhof Effect. Imagine if you started seeing healthy eating options everywhere you went!! That's an automatic win in my book. 

At the end of this level, you unlock:

How to make healthy eating choices when eating out

Rewards that don't revolve around food


Healthy Eating Shield #3: The Self-Love Shield, lined with velvety soft Confidence 

The Final Battle Awaits!

We craft the battle plan, strategise around any obstacles and ride into the sunset loaded with all the resources we can carry.This level is jam packed with action. Now that we've unlocked all the obstacles holding you back, all that's left to do is create a crystal clear plan of action, broken down and ready to burst forth in the world. 

At the end of this level you unlock:

A tailor-made plan for continued awesomeness at being a healthy, nutritious eater

A new you. Congratulations, you did it!

Healthy Eating Weapon #3: Spell book: Keeping up with the Consistency

The Investment

Part of the fun of playing a game is that you can customise certain aspects of your character to make it unique. 

Likewise, the programs I offer can be tailored to your specific needs. We may spend more time on one area that you find difficult, and skip through others like the breeze on a summer's day!


Keep in mind, the time required to create real change varies greatly depending on your specific situation!

Warrior goddess with fiery red gold wings

Age of Empowerment

Build your Eating Empire

This package is the ultimate food habits makeover - we unlock the dream

 A 16 week partnership 

This treasure chest includes:

 16 individual coaching sessions (60-90 minutes)

Accountability group to cheer you on and watch your empire unfold

Personalised action plan tailored to your specific goal, with in-built challenges to accelerate progress

Weekly tasks for accelerated progress

Bespoke templates and journal prompts 

Unlimited email and text support

Recordings and detailed session summaries

2 post partnership follow-up sessions (30 minutes) to be used within 2 months of program completion

Detailed workbook to guide you through the process

30 days post email support to ensure success beyond our partnership


Valued at: $850

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