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Your Superpowers

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You love connecting with new individuals and building a tribe. Collaborating on new projects and opportunities gives you a boost of adrenalin and you know this method will yield greater results than doing things alone.


Your network spans many realms and knowing you can pick up the phone and call someone at the drop of a hat sparks joy.

When you are in your superpower zone, you are mingling, lighting up the room and spinning a beautiful tapestry around you. You are the life of the party and the world’s gonna know your name. You are a master of making people feel comfortable around you.

Your Unique Gifts

Communication is your greatest skill. Being part of the conversation brings you energy. You have a knack for connecting like-minded people and spotting opportunities to build alliances for mutually beneficial results.

You relish competition but also enjoy coop activities, because both add a sense of camaraderie and give you an opportunity to display your expertise. You don’t mind failing, if you bonded with your tribe over it

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People love having you in their community because you are always an enthusiastic participant, and you act as a mentor in spaces where you have significant knowledge and skills.

Potential Pitfalls

You can get caught up in the thoughts and opinions of others and be pulled off track from what you really want


Being recognized and having a good reputation is vital to your wellbeing, which can be hard to achieve because you have no control over the outcome


Stress can come about pretty quickly if your network doesn’t respond to you with likes, shares or responses.


You often take side paths that have no connection to your goals due to the social influence of your network.

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Energy: People Fun

(With a side of Easy Fun)

Your fun energy lies in People fun which means you’re all about cooperation, collaboration and competition. You also swipe energy from Easy fun, by getting quick wins, and seeing the fruits of your labour immediately.

To Increase engagement

You enjoy motivating others around you to move the group forward as a whole. Utilise this with accountability groups and celebrating wins together! Having a mentor or coach can get you to your goals rapidly by giving you someone to run your ideas by, cheer you on and encourage you to share your wins with your network.

The key is to create laughter, memorable moments and shared experiences to make your success super effective when it comes to hitting your goals. Consider adding an element of friendly competition to further your ambitions

Goal-Setting Strategies

Your goals are a fluid constantly shifting phenomenon; You value the opinion of others around you. Although you set goals based on your core values, your path is often formed by the advice and expertise you glean from your contacts.

A shared goal may be the way to go, as you relish sharing amusements and forming friendships.


Social media is your friend because it allows you to cast your net far and wide to meet a variety of people. Seminars, workshops, conferences, even just joining your colleagues on a Friday night’s drinking outing give you an opportunity to polish up those communication skills and potentially gain some insight that you may not have had before


It is important to balance your social butterfly with your inner calm. Taking the time to be quiet and do nothing gives you back energy tokens to spend on social activities. Connecting with one or two close friends can also give you this quiet energy while strengthening bonds of friendship 

Cheat Codes for Rockstars

Find like-minded people within your network to form groups where you keep each other accountable to your goals. If you share a goal, even better!

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Exercise accountability group - 5 workouts a week

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Food accountability group - Meat Free Mondays

The secret weapon of millionaires, geniuses and tech guru’s. Gather a group of people who are at different levels (above and below you) and brainstorm answers around your individual goals

Sleep accountability group - Night owl to Early birds (sleep before midnight)

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Create your own - Run a group for an area in which you excel, to act as mentor and guide for others

Join an existing group - this works best in an area you want to improve, and wish to harness the skills and knowledge of others

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You are the product of the 5 people closest to you

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Choose your network wisely - gather around you people you aspire to be like, have qualities you admire or skills you want. Distance yourself from those who drain your energy.

You'll find more actionable power-ups in the PDF you recieved in your email. Check it out!

Congratulations, you have just levelled up to
Super Rockstar. 

Super Rockstar, I hope you’ve found some nuggets of wisdom throughout your quest! If you've ever wished you could make your health dreams a reality...nay, IRRESISTABLE.....

I've got unique tips and tricks to harness your inner powers and show you the cloak of INVINCIBILITY, specially tailored for your exact measurements. 


If you’re ready to take the next step to bring your dreams into reality, and start taking action towards your extraordinary goals, let's have some chai and chat!

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