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Are you struggling to make healthy eating habits stick? Do you suffer from low body confidence?

Are you ready to make healthy eating your superpower?

Sandhya Gokal Life Coach

Find out how to supercharge your Nutrition habits 

Play your best life button

Play your own health game

Change the rules about what healthy eating means to YOU
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Escape the sugar rush

Increase your energy, reduce the slumps and crashes

Arrows to being consistent

Master confidence

Become proud of the body you came in and confident in your own skin

What is a Healthy Eating and Nutrition Coach?

Hi! I'm Sandhya, a pharmacist and healthy eating coach. I help bring fun and games to your healthy eating habits while guiding you to confidence in your amazing body.

It can be really hard to make healthy food choices once your life routines start rearing at the bit. Finding time, energy and space to figure out how to "be healthy" seems almost impossible! Changing your diet gets pushed to the backburner's restrictive and so boring. 


Sandhya smiling


Do you ever feel....

Emoticon man looking in mirror with self love and heart

Like the way you see and talk to yourself in your head are always holding you back from winning at healthy eating?

stairway and door to dream life that life coach can help create

Trapped in the details - too many ingredients, too little time, too stressed...and it makes you want to throw plates across the room until you're too tired to eat healthy?

Heart with multiple rainbow facets indicating that life coach helps with guiding people to better health

Just so tired of always trying so hard to watch what you eat?

Three pronged crossroads

Rapidly headed towards a major medical event, but have no idea how to start changing direction?

lady in a multicoloured bubble with hands outstretched to the side and hearts floating above hands

Like it's a constant battle to eat healthy because everything is trying to lead you back down into the world of temptation?

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place

Sandhya avatar thinking

Why choose me to be your healthy eating coach?

I've had 12 years experience as a pharmacist and healthy eating coach working with people to upgrade their healthy eating habits.

I've quit sugar, mastered mindful eating, increased my body confidence and self-esteem and made healthy eating effortless.

And I can guide you to be a healthy eating superhero too!


superhero sticker

My Eight-Stage Process To Improve Your Eating Habits

Gnomes grin maliciously as they stick a foot out and cause you to stumble into yummy pie land

Evil elves sweetly lead you in circles through a forest filled with detours and tangents, chocolate and lollipops, leaving you hopelessly lost (I orange faced green haired little man...) 

Sandhya being a cookie monster gremlin
orange faced green man leading into a candyland

I work on this premise:

You know what you want


swirly arrow

But your path to healthy eating is littered with monsters lurking behind that tree, waiting to trip you up

Gremlins giggle sneakily as they wave temptation in front of your face (like that one over there)

I act as your guide, holding the lantern aloft to shine the light on your chosen path.


I lead you to treasure chests holding healing potions ⚱, shields 🛡 and weaponry ⚔ for you to use when you're in need of aid.


To cut through the tangle of vines in the form of stories you tell yourself, I hand you the axe to sort through the madness and change the story. 

I provide CLARITY. I share the WISDOM bestowerd upon me by my years as a pharmacist and a coach. 

By having me as your coach, you will find fun and laughter in a journey normally littered with overwhelm, stress, anxiety and fear.

In other words....

I guide you to extraordinary healthy eating habits through the magic of fun, giving you the health and body confidence you always dreamed of.

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parachute with weapons treasure chest attached
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Free Ch(eat) Codes

Discover actionable items to fast track your healthy eating habits
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