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Flash Moments

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Have you ever played Pokemon?

In most versions of Pokemon, there are caves that you need to move through to get to the next town. In order to easily navigate these caves, there is a move called Flash. Before you have Flash (and the capability to use it), all you can see when you enter the cave is a circle around you, maybe 1 step in each direction.

Now, it is possible to navigate the caves, for the most part, without Flash. It’s slow, it’s frustrating, you run into a lot of boulders and you have no idea how face into the cave you are, or if you are going in the right direction. Sometimes it feels like you’re going in circles. There’s no clear direction to travel in, and you could spend hours in the same spot without realizing it.

Once you have Flash, the whole scenario changes. Suddenly, the entire cave is lit up! You can see the boulders, the ledges, and the exit to the cave. Suddenly, the cave takes 5 minutes to navigate. You may run into some pesky wild Pokemon, but they become a way to train your Pokemon rather than bringing up an overwhelming feeling of panic (that you’re not gonna ever make it out of this cave).

This little scenario from Pokemon plays in my mind every time I experience any growth. A conversation I have where a new point of view is introduced to me? My flash circle has grown. I read a book about how doing 1 push-up a day can make me stronger. My Flash circle has grown. You get the picture.

I love this metaphor because it is such a beautiful visual representation of growth. Anytime I feel down, or like I haven’t achieved much or changed much, I think of these pictures and instantly feel better.

I call these Flash moments.

I’m betting if you really think, you can find these moments scattered throughout the timeline of your memory. They are ‘AHA’ moments. They are moments of wonder and awe. They are the points in time when boredom opens up your mind and your imagination runs away with you and you suddenly figure out the answer to that niggling problem you’ve been pondering.

The thing is, the Move Flash is only available to use once you defeat a gym leader. I like to think of the gym leader as any obstacle you encounter. Procrastination, time constraints, and conflict between what you want and what you are doing are all common obstacles that come up that can really hinder your ability to have Flash moments.

Reverend Michael Beckwith of the International Agape spiritual centre speaks of two concepts of growth called Kensho and Satori. Growth by Kensho happens through painful moments in your life. A breakup that results in you figuring out exactly what kind of partner you want to be in a relationship? Kensho moment. A breakdown at work caused by stress and overwhelm, leading to you setting boundaries in your work life balance?

That’s Kensho, right there.

Satori moments are growth that happen where no pain is experienced but growth happens anyway. This can be through personal development programs, meditation, listening to podcasts and introspection. I liken satori to lightbulb moments. Or like having a flashlight.

Here's a graph showing how Kensho and Satori moments work in real life. As you can see, your Flash circle grows with each. However, the Satori moments provide a soft, elegant lightglow, whereas Kensho moments are those glaring, flashing lights you get at night clubs.

Flash moments can be useful. They help expand our life view. They are also great ways to measure our growth! Think back on the black and white view you had of the world as a kid. Flash moments highlight the grey that comes with life experience.

Personal growth is all about focusing on growing your Flash circle, by using Satori moments.

What are some Satori moments you can think of from your own experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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